Creating a functional workspace 

Hello everyone! 

It’s another working week and time to get (more) productive. 😃

Speaking of productivity, one of the things that helps me create and get results is my workspace. 


It’s not so much of it being beautiful but functional. 

Your workspace or desk should be inviting and warm. It should be comfortable (not too much 😃) and relaxing for you to think,create and produce. 

It should ‘help’ you through the day. You don’t want to get up from your workspace everytime to look for things. Everything you need to work with should be within reach.

Here, less is more. You should put ONLY the things you need and neatly too. Avoid cluttering your workspace.

Place your workspace  in a position that suits you. You can rearrange it as many times till you get the right position. A bright lit area is best.

It should be the right size for you and your work. It should have drawers, open spaces and ample leg room. 

Here are a few items for your workspace:


Stationery /Holder




A plant /picture frame(s)/ ornaments

A nice comfortable chair


This list is inexhaustive, you can add to it. 

Most importantly, let your workspace reflect your personality and make it feel like ‘home’.




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