Step out in heels. 

Hello everyone! 

It’s been a minute and my apologies for the break. We are back now! Yaay! Thank you for being there! 

Image: Fashion Style Mag

I saw this picture today on Fashion Style Mag and was struck by the beauuuuutiful shoes! I love the patterned design and of course that they are heels.

The colour is bold but chic.You can wear these with just about any outfit – a nice pencil skirt, a pair of skinny jeans or a beautiful skater dress.. 

Heels make a statement. They give a tall, sophisticated and confident look. 

The secret to wearing heels is to be confident in yourself first, then maintain a steady balance with your head raised and eyes straight ahead. 

Most people (I was one) put their shoe weight only in the front part of the heels instead of ‘everywhere’. This would give a ‘leaning forward’ look instead of a ‘balanced’ one. 

Wearing your right shoe size is key. For you to walk well in heels, they must fit. I used to wear very high heels but have soon changed to slightly shorter heels for comfort and balance. 

So, today, make a statement. Ditch the flats for a while and step out in style in a pair of beautiful bold chic heels.

P. S.. When I saw this picture the first thing that struck were the heels. What was the first thing that ‘hit’ it for you? 



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