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Self-Image is the image of yourself that you see in your mind’s eye. 
So I ask: 
Who are you? 
Who do you see when you look into the mirror?
What do you do?
What qualities do you have that you want others to know about?
What are your likes and dislikes? 
What are your favourite colours? 
It goes on…. 

The thing is, you must ‘see’ a positive image of yourself before you can effectively “sell” yourself or brand. 
Nobody wants to associate with a personal brand that is negative regardless of who the person is. 
Your positive image must encompass integrity, trustworthiness and reliability. 
If it wasn’t for the positive image TY Bello had built for her brand, she may not have had the kind of support she had with Olajumoke the former bread seller. 
Make no mistake, a positive image must be built. It takes hard work, sacrifices and courage not to compromise on values you believe in and who Invariably make you who you are. 
However, you have to ‘see’ who you really are first, then, you can project this to the world. 
Have a great one. 


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